Magnesium flakes


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Magnesium flakes

Magnesium is known as the power and the mental calmness mineral and is important component of the body. Magnesium regulates metabolism, helps to keep the muscle apparatus working, supports energy flows for cardio, and strengthens teeth and bones. Magnesium baths are important because the body does not produce magnesium itself. Magnesium baths are well suited for an active lifestyle, because the muscles will recover after a strenuous physical exercise, and bath has a calming effect.

Usage: For relaxation add warm (ca. 37°C) bath 750g - 1kg magnesium flakes and enjoy bath about 20 minutes. For athletes after exhausting race or workout, add to warm (ca. 37°C) bath of about 2kg magnesium flakes. For footbath with 5 litres of water, add about 400g flakes. For magnesium deficiency, full baths at least once a week are needed.

INCI Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, water

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